Why should i get involved?

You should get involved in the IDMC if you care about the future of our world and want to see cryptocurrencies thrive.

Being involved with the IDMC gives you a unique opportunity to lend your skillset to the betterment of cryptocurrency.

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WHat does my involvement include?

Your involvement can be up to 10 hours each month. All meetings and communication will be held remotely, as the council will be made up of individuals from across the globe.

Being involved on the council can take two approaches:

Council Advisors are a part of a 24-person group who will have input into the policy creation process but will not have decision-making authority. This role involves less responsibility and a smaller time investment.

Council Members are a part of a 12-person core group who will have decision-making responsibility in crafting the framework. This role involves more responsibility and more reward.

No, involvement in the IDMC is entirely volunteer based. 

Do I have to pay to be a member of the IDMC?